SoundPreta is a project that had its premiere in July 2019 and by a happy coincidence on the eve of the International Day of Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Women and of the Diaspora and Tereza de Benguela. These are events that recall and address similar issues of visibility and resistance of black women, but in “different” places and times.

SoundPreta exists because of the absence or little presence of black women in the production of cultural events (in this case focused on music) in the Portuguese scene.It aims to affirm the importance of occupying these spaces. The purpose of the project is to “blacken” and bring intersectionality, its main elements being  music, dance and fun, but it is also about resistance and visibility.

Photo by @gadutra.jpeg

SoundPetra will play music at the at the Opening of the Room to Bloom and Plataforma UMA curated exhibitions on April 21 at 18pm.