Ophélie coordinates the ‘Assemblies of Solidarity’ project as well as several other key areas of work at European Alternatives, including the « Citizens Takeover Europe » coalition.

She has worked as communications officer for several international NGOs, where she focused on defining new common narratives and championing inclusive language processes. She has created and led campaigns at EU level, engaging with actors ranging from grassroots organisations to European institutions. She has also worked in communications for an MEP at the European Parliament.

Ophélie is a committed feminist, who believes in an intersectional approach to ending all forms of gender-based violence and oppression. She is passionate about ceramics and volunteers with local organisations defending LGBT+ rights. She has featured in the movie « En ce Moment », selected at the Venice Biennale.

Ophélie coordinates the Transnational Assembly on Eco Social Justice taking place on April 23 and April 24 at the University of Porto.