InterStruct aims to foster a dialogue around interculturalism, providing a discursive platform where people from different cultural backgrounds can collaborate, propose interventions and stage artistic projects of social importance. This forum values ​​inclusion and encourages empathy and self-reflection as a basis for breaking adverse ideologies and stereotypes.

InterStruct is constantly evolving and reformulating. There is no organizational hierarchy, since all decisions are made collectively. This fluid approach allows for a greater symbiosis between individual and collective motivations.

Currently the group includes several artists, researchers, designers, producers and activists: Andrei Alecsandru, Beatriz Alcantara, Bruno Bontempo, Claire Sivier, Desirée Desmarattes, Fifi, Isabel Stein, Melissa Rodrigues, Miguel F, Natasha Bulha Costa, Sebastian Ioan and Vijay Patel.

The InterStruct Collective organizes a decolonial walking tour through the city of Porto on April 23 at 11am.